Yo! I'm CJOAT!

Name's Angela but host goes by Sam. We are a disabled, demiromantic asexual, black DID system (he/They); who makes emotionally and visually striking artwork. Makes mostly Original Content, is a Ranger/Healer of Color Use. Click on the logo below for my shop on Miiriya!

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About CJOAT (Gif Credit: @musska_mu on twitter)

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Sam absolutely love vibrant bold colors and dark backstories. Sam's bold, vibrant, all over the place AND in your face. Sam speak for hours on the things he ponders everyday. Sam's obsessed with making digital art, physical crafts, and character designs.

Contact and Payment Links

The Paypal link in light teal is my Meema's (Mom). Light Red Symbol leads to my Ko-fi donation page. The orange symbol leads to my patreon! and the light blue symbol leads to my Venmo. The dark purple symbol leads to my Paypal. I gratefully appreciate if you dropped a few dollars their way. And I'll draw you something as a thank you for donating to them. I'm always found on these sites!
My Crevado Art Portfolio is the white paintbrush.

Commission Rules

Currently my commissions are open!
Here are some examples of my work.

Contact me on my Discord (if you have it) or Twitter by commenting (or tagging me) and I will DM you.
You show me what you want me to draw and I will say yes or no to drawing it, and will adjust accordingly.
I will not do anything that goes against my morals (i.e, pedophilia, gore, vore, satanist stuff, etc)
I usually price things on the fly so please ask me how much it would be, and pay first before i do the art


You can pay me in these following methods:

  • USD in Zelle (3012506700), TransferWise(same number) Venmo

  • Donation to my mother or me!

  • provide proof of the donation or payment BEFORE i get started.

  • Please send an email to my [email protected] email.

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